Neon Sign Kingdom is a one stop reliable name and a well-established company bringing to you a variety of Neon lighting solutions for commercial purposes and for Bars, lounges, hotels, clubs, restaurants, etc. Being a professional Neon Sign manufacturer, Neon Sign Kingdom know well about the Google Adwards SEO Ideas about the keyword “Neon Bar Lights for Sale”. Today we would like to share some key SEO statistics about this keyword with all of our customers. Please see the form below:


Search terms


Avg. monthly searches 


Suggested bid 

neon bar lights for sale 






Above are the key SEO statistics of ‘Neon Bar Lights for Sale’ in February, 2018. We can know from them that this keyword is not hard to do the Search Engine Optimization. Because:

  1. The search result of the keyword is just little more than 1,000,000
  2. The Avg. monthly searches are less than 500.
  3. The Suggested Bid is not expensive, which is only CN¥4.52. 

However, the Competition of the keyword is High.


Therefore, we estimated that the keyword ‘Neon Bar Lights for Sale’ SEO difficulty may be around 50%.

Neon Bar Lights for Sale